Welcome to Nootka Sound Classifieds which covers the western central portion of Vancouver Island.
Free basic listings for non commercial users and/or paid premium listings for
Ceepeecee, Ehatisaht, Esperanza, Gold River, Little Zeballos, Nootka, Oclucje, Tahsis, Tsaxana, Zeballos and Yuquot.

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Premium Listing


Premium listings are shown in the sliding carousel at the top of the categories, in the latest premium listings section below the categories and in the top search listings of all searches on the Nootka Sound Classifieds site.  When your premium listing shows in the carousel or latest premium listings section you will be placed in front of your buyer before all regular user types. The premium listings in the carousel will slide every two to three seconds and only 20 listings will be allowed for a period of 30 days at which time the next batch of premium listings will be added and the first batch will be removed.  Listings in the latest premium listings section will rotate after the expiry date of 30 days.

Regular users can list their items for free or register an account and pay the premium listing price for greater exposure if they so choose. You can register for an account with us without having to upgrade to a premium account.   If you want your listing to show up in our sliding carousel at the top of the page, in the latest premium listings below the categories as well as in the top listings of every search, you must be registered with us and pay a small fee for this service.  A premium listing is $7 for 30 days and there are credit packages available for registered accounts.


All businesses and commercial vendors are required to register and purchase a premium listing before being able to list their product or service on the Nootka Sound Classifieds website. If you are a business or commercial vendor you must choose the business type option from the user type drop down menu when registering.  We will be monitoring all registrations and free listings to determine whether you are a regular user or business/commercial vendor. Cheaters will not be tolerated and banned from the site.  A premium listing for businesses or commercial vendors is $7 for 30 days (.23/day) and there are credit packages available.


There are options to purchase a credit package for each registered account allowing payment for 3 listings or to be used in the future without having to login to paypal again to purchase a new premium listing.